Woodworking safety, Absolute rules

1. Know your tools and your skills in using them and specific manufacturers safety guidelines.

2. If you choose to make your own tools do so at your own risk, The tools and jigs I make and use are meant as guidelines only. Make and use at your own discretion and rusk.

3. Don't work when tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescriptions)

4. Always wear eye and ear protection as well as a dust mask. Follow manufacturers safety recommendations using all chemicals including resins and finishes. (I use protective gloves when using resins and finishes as well as a chemical rated respirator.

5. Tie back long hair, any drilling and lathe work must be done without anything that could become entangled in the rotating piece being worked on or the machine itself. (watch videos on YouTube relating to lathe safety, drill safety, working with resins, and general woodwork safety.
Lathe work requires a safety shield as well as safety glasses.

6. Don't wear loose clothing or jewelry,  jewelry can easily be a un-thought of hazard.

Most important is to pay attention and be aware of what you are doing. Do not be distracted by people around you and by your phone. Make your work your own time your most enjoyable time, disconnected from other distractions

My personal disclaimer is this:

In no way am I presenting my work in Bamboo composite rod building as anything other than a artistic method to use alternative materials and methods to build fishing rods.

The instructional material I provide is with the intent to combine a over 100 year old art form with the advanced composite materials available today.

It is my desire to see others build rods and perhaps go back to a time when a hobby was an activity that cost little but produced many valuable results.

While some individuals do fish with their Bamboo rods many others display their rods in a safe cabinet and do not take the chance on breaking or damaging their beautiful pieces of art and history. With the ability to produce your own rods economically in respects to both time spent and cost of materials It is my sincere desire and hope that ones will build composite Bamboo rods and fish the hell out of them, Trying different design combinations and building rods to their own likings.

Kind Regards!

Kenneth Lund

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