Rod Building Jigs and Forms

Since a paramount goal in my work building bamboo composite rods is to present procedures and methods that require minimal expenditures in tools and materials all of the jigs and forms I use have been made from scrap material obtained from cabinet shops and cull from my local home center. If however you are not able to obtain free material the purchase of material is still minimal.

(Please note, The plans for the jigs and forms I use are on the CD I sell for those wanting more detail on building quickly. I provide basic dimensions and allow for varying dimensions as necessary to utilize the materials you are able to acquire.)

The key forms and jigs I use are,

1. Surface thickness form used for both planing and sanding bamboo strips to the desired thickness.

2. Laminating form used for clamping the veneered layers together*

3. Holding form to clamp the blank for rough shaping. *

4. Flat board for finished shaping of rod tapers

5. Jig to hold hand speed drill for DIY lathe, used for forming reel seats and cork grips.

6. Jigs for forming snake guides

7. Jig for wrapping guides

* some operations do not require forms and may be accomplished by the use of small "C" clamps and backing boards.

Below are photos of some of my forms and jigs. Throughout my future posting's I will demonstrate their uses.

Please note, The information provided on this page is only a basic representation of the subject. My plan for this blog is to expand on each topic by presenting new rods being built, trial and error experiments with bamboo, composite materials, tools and techniques.

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