Laminated Quad Rods

Quad Rods

While studying rods made in the late 1800's and early 1900's I found a plethora of creative rod profiles, designs and the materials used to make them. I found out my ideas for laminated rods was not new and that laminated rods were popular in use in bygone eras.

Looking at the rods and materials used witch included many different types of hardwoods in addition to Bamboo led me to ask the question, Has the artistic fun and creativity in rod building been lost? Lost in pursuit of following what is now considered normal or in some way the standard and accepted way to do things? Lost in so much technical exactness that a young or even mature adult would be intimated in even trying to build a rod? I think so.

So in my quest to make the art form of rod making doable for many I started with the 4 sided rod. In the classes and workshops I am organizing students will build a quad 7'-6 rod.

The methods used do not require special tapering jigs. A solid flat board is all that is required. The dimensional taper measurements I calculated and provide are spaced every 5" and each side of the rod blank is shaped with a razor sharp scraper. A simple tool made from scrap wood. Careful shaping can produce accuracy to within a few thousands, measured with dial calipers a young adult can quickly master the technique.

Once you make your first rod you will have the knowledge and skills to make any type of rod you desire, Fly rods spinning rods and salt water rods are all doable.

Making rod building even more affordable I instruct individuals how to make all of their own hardware. From the reel seat to the tip top all components are easily made with only a few simple tools. (Take a look at the photos of my rods and hardware)

Please note, The information provided on this page is only a basic representation of the subject. My plan for this blog is to expand on each topic by presenting new rods being built, trial and error experiments with bamboo, composite materials, tools and techniques.

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