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Bamboo Quad Rod Fittings

The fittings I make and use on my rods are evolving and will post The fittings shown below are simple and easy for the beginner to make. I am using an end cap and lock ring. The end cap starts with a copper cup and is wrapped with carbon fiber and cured with resin. The end cap is then finished sanded and polished.
The locking ring is also copper wrapped with carbon fiber.

The fittings separating the cork grip from the reel seat and the cork grip to the rod blank were turned from wood A silicone pattern was made and carbon fiber particles were impregnated in the cast resin. All of the work can be done inexpensively with a drill and or drill lathe like the one I use for making the reel seats and cork grips.

The silicone molds I make use 100% silicone caulking in the tubes available at your home center. Look on YouTube and you will see several types and methods. (search "silicone mold"

Please note, The information provided on this page is only a basic representation of the subject. My plan for this blog is to expand on each topic by presenting new rods being built, trial and error experiments with bamboo, composite materials, tools and techniques.

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